About Us


We began our journey in Cleveland in 1992 when our CEO founded Introviz to serve the commercial sector. Prior to forming Introviz our CEO was the force behind forming progressive.com when most commercial establishments were on the sidelines to enter into the web technologies. Today Progressive is one of the top insurers with the online presence that other insurers are envious of!

Our founders have started several successful businesses www.insuranceisland.com – portal for insurance companies, newborn.2ma.com – newborn screening services – screen metabolic disorders.

Within the first three years, Introviz had every fortune 500 companies, in the Cleveland metro area, as clients. We were the largest consulting firm at University Hospitals of Cleveland as we helped them to migrate through massive network optimization projects. In the year 2003, we opened an office in the DC metro area to enter the federal market. Since then we have been working with several agencies providing Program management, application development, network management, and optimization.

Today Introviz stands strong with talented CIOs and CFOs and bring the wealth of knowledge and experience to help federal agencies modernize their systems.

To date, we have won several awards and have partners who complement our services to provide significant value to our clients.